Landings 2018

Landings: An Explination


Landings is an annual exhibition by staff and Students on MA Photography at Falmouth University. It is run annually. There is a collective website : Which all lead to individual Websites. There are also mini self directed exhibitions across the country and the world.

Landings 2018 - A Journey Through Fields


This work (A Journey through Fields), is part of the wider Landings project, Landings is a trail of exhibitions by staff and students at Falmouth University each year seeing a new selection of exhibitions. This year is 2018, meaning this exhibition is part of Landings 2018 part of both the annual and perennial projects. This project (A Journey through Fields) explores the potential for natural landscapes, and objects, to reduce image fatigue within our visual culture. The idea that we see too many distressing images in our everyday life, and due to constant exposure we lose the emotional impact they are designed to have. By freeing up the space for the dramatic images, these help to widen the impact of those types of images as well as their own. To explore the issue, the project explores the subject of migration, and how it is possible, to photograph a subject it is not always possible to physically access, through the use of symbolism. The ideas behind the imagery is to represent the migrants through symbolism, I have used a variety of symbols including the vegetables, which are photographed as portraits, appearing ungrounded, to reflect the movement of migration, I have chosen to use vegetables, as migrant workers are often employed in fields, and similar agricultural work. I have also used clothing to represent the migrant workforce, and the use of the road sign.

Spring Onion

Broccoli Stem


Broccoli In Field

Working Field

Amongst The Pumpkins

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Landings 2018